Chrissy Farnan

1. My dog loves the food.

2. I wish we could navigate the website on our own. Plan changes must be emailed. No tracking info in my account, just in the email sent “it coming”. Why not publish this in our accounts? No “update plan shipping in 3 days notification”

3. I don’t like that we can’t select fewer then your set amount of containers. 8 oz. must be 7 or more and 20 oz. containers must be 6 or more, non negotiable. My trial 4 20 oz. and perfect for a topper plan for my dog. Why was this changed after you have me as a customer, withing my trial period. My thought is this is by design, get the trial – and magically up the quantities and change things around forcing more dollars spent month two after the trial.

4. There are many many companies like this out there with equally as good quality pet food. Keep that in mind with the lack of flexibility you currently have set in place.

5. You get what YOU order, for all those commenting price. YOU ordered and knew what you were paying when you subscribed. If it’s to expensive – cancel. Why complain it’s expensive if you signed up knowing the price in advance – seems a bit nutty to me.

6. The jury is out on month 3 reorder. My box came today and much to my surprise a plan change. I went to the Live chat option during regular business hours, which as not a live chat – it sent an email???

7. I certainly hop these reviews are read!