Myrna Quinones Priest

Our Homer (7 year old Australian Cattle dog) loves it so much that he waits in the kitchen by the stove in the morning and the evening for his meal. He wasn’t doing this prior to getting Petplates. We had to coaxe him to come downstairs to eat, to direct him to his own bowl of food and even had to add other things to his dry kibble(Origen), such as crumbled treats, bone broth, Instinct frozen raw patties or nuggets, all to entice him to eat. Now, all I had to do was introduce this Petplates food with the dry Origen and he looks like he’s in heaven while he eats. Licks the empty bowl a few times before walking away from his bowl. I am thrilled to see him eat so enthusiastically. I dogsit my daughter’s 3 year old Frenchie (OdieB) and he has demonstrated the same behavior with Petplates. Unfortunately, she can’t afford to start this feeding regimen with him, so when he is at my house, he gets to enjoy! Thanks so much! Myrna and Richard Priest.