I used to home cook Sky’s food and was discouraged to do a pet food delivery service due to the cost and the potential of her not liking it. After grocery shopping, adding /buying special ingredients to balance the food properly, prepping, cooking, cleaning, etc. the cost made more sense to give it a try. Pet Plate offers an introductory “test it out” and that made it easier for me to make my decision as they also will refund you your money if your doggie doesn’t like it. Sky is a picky eater and loves her Barkin’ Beef recipe! I love that the meals are balanced and ready to serve. The convenience factor is amazing and it has saved me SO much time!! Yes, it’s more spendy compared to some other options but look what you get!!! Sky is spunky, (maybe because we have even more extra time to play now?!) her poops are epic, she’s healthy and happy! We both give Pet Plate 5-stars! Thank you! 🙂 – Renee and Sky